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„With him, it is always this continual radicality. Each movie has its own way of being radical but each movie is totally radical.And from that point of view, he has absolutely not changed and I hope that he never will. “

Isabelle Huppert



profession : director

In 25 years, Michael Haneke established himself as one of the most important directors in cinema history. From his early work to AMOUR, he created a unique universe, revealing like no other the dregs of our society, or existential fears and emotional outbursts. Through the vision of his actors and previously unseen footages, MICHAEL H. depicts the work of a rare artist.


Yves Montmayeur

Michael Haneke reiterates constantly that he doesn't want to talk about himself. "My private life must not interfere with the way audiences receive my movies!" So making a documentary about a director who rejects any investigation of his private life means having to adopt a more open approach that breaks through the "professional" and rigid distance he deliberately creates. That's why I decided to make a portrait of the man at work. Through the nearly sacred intimacy of Haneke's creative process is the only way the man Michael can be detected behind his oeuvre.

Over the past twenty years Michael has honoured me with his trust in the form of long and short interviews, both publicly and privately, about his notions of directing. I have come to understand how his view of the world engenders his cinematic approach. As a result of this complicity and friendship I have been entrusted with shooting the making-ofs for most of his films. I continued to investigate his humanistic challenges, his obsessive characters and his artistic hesitations, intervening on several occasions to accompany this gestating artistic work. Beginning with the last Cannes Film Festival, where his film Amour won the Palme d'Or, then going back in time to movie sets in France and Germany, all the way back to his first steps in the movies, the wide-ranging depth of Michael H. will be revealed.